West By Train.

This is Miranda, the heroine and half-orphan of the story. Age: thirteen. Year: 1874

Miranda's Pa and the villain or antagonist of the story, If you read it, you can decided for yourself. :)

Peggy Grassel, Miranda's adopted mother. Yes, I know, I reused her name. Deal. :D

Jonathan Grassel, Miranda's adopted father. He has no picture right now.

How part of Miranda's world looks like. 

Pa gulped down the last of his coffee and smacked his lips. “Miranda.”
She started. He hadn’t said her name since...well, she couldn't really remember when. It had always been ‘girl’ or else he would not call her anything at all, and sometimes not even speak to her. She sat up in her chair. “Yes, pa?”
He didn’t speak for a few seconds, as if contemplating what he was going to say. Finally, he spoke again. “Miranda, you’re going west.”
She blinked. The words were so abrupt that she didn’t understand at first. “What--what do you mean?”
“I’m sending you west on the orphan train. This afternoon.” ~West By Train.

Status: Incomplete.
Type: Short Story.

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