The Lost World.

This is Rita, heroine and ocean expert. Age: seven to fourteen. (For the actual story part; this book has an epilogue and I'm not counting that.) Years: 2003 to 2010. (Again, not counting the epilogue.)

This is Richard, Rita's twin brother. 

This is Arthur, Rita's high school rival and teaser.

This is Miss Telly, Rita's fourth-grade teacher and encourager.

This is Mr. Pitcher, Rita's high school oceanology (I had a class! :P)  teacher and discourager.

This Is Mrs. Sanski, Rita's mom.

This is Mr. Sanski, Rita's dad.

This is Mark, Arthur's friend.

How part of Rita and Richard's world looks like.

“I’m glad you have an interest in big books like this,” she said. “Not many girls your age have such an interest in reading. Now, if you can be very, very careful,” she looked Rita straight in the eye, “I’ll let you take this book out and read it. But you have to promise me-” Rita tensed, wondering what she would want- “that you will tell me what you think when you are done reading it.” Rita broke out into a smile and the lady smiled back. “Just remember to be more careful in the future.” she cautioned, before handing the book to Rita, who took it very gently, smiled thankfully at the librarian, and hurried back to her mother.    ~The Lost World.

Status: Complete.
Type: Novella.

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