Loving Your Enemies.

Paul, the hero and slave. Age: fifteen. Year: 115 A.D

Augustine, Paul's evil master.

Aeneas, Augustine's sinister top servant.

How part of Paul's world looks.

Paul. His mother had named him after the great apostle, Paul, who had gone around preaching some years ago. But he had been dead now for five or ten years. Paul closed his eyes, wishing with all his might that he might escape this awful place, and go back to Sicily. How he wished he could once again be back in that great country! But no, here he was in Rome, and had been for the past few months. It had all happened so fast. There had been a raid on his town, his parents had been killed, and he had been captured and brought as a slave here to Rome, to serve a man called Augustin. And how he hated it. ~ Loving Your Enemies.

Status: Complete.
Type: Short Story.

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