Friend of Foe?

Kolaki, (koh-LAH-kee) the heroine of the story. Age: fifteen. Year: 1864.

Jacob Lewis, Kolaki's..... well, friend or Kaloki's foe. That is kind of what the book is about. :P

How part of Kolaki's world looks like.

It was strange, really. She, who could manage to show friendship to even the most annoying boys in the village, could suddenly not muster up one drop of friendship for this young man. Yet she was betraying what her name meant by being unkind. Kolaki; friendship. She could almost hear her mother crooning to her about loving others, and treating all as friends. But surely her mother had not meant to treat the white man as her friend.
But then, he had seemed her friend. But no, he had betrayed her. She and her whole village. She could not forgive him. Or could she?
“I cannot decide,” Kolaki whispered sadly to herself, hugging her knees. “I just cannot." ~Friend or Foe?

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