This is Francoise (fran-swaz), one of the heroines, and an French aristocrat. Age: fifteen. Year: 1793.

This is Jeanne, the other heroine, Francoise's maid. Age: thirteen.

How part of Francoise's and Jeanne's world looks like.

Jeanne shuddered, and hurried on towards Francoise’s house, clutching her packages tightly. She wondered how long it would be until something happened to Francoise and her family. There was no use trying to not think about it, the facts had to be faced sooner or later, and the the cruel fact that now faced Jeanne was this. Francoise and her family were rich. Being rich means aristocrats. Aristocrats mean poor people, beggars and such. Beggars mean hunger. Hunger means that someone has been cruel enough to take away your means of surviving. This automatically put you on “the bad guy side.” And then, if you were foolish enough to say something bad against The People of France, doing that would to be labeling yourself as a traitor to The People of France. And being a traitor to France meant death by guillotine, in the simplest of terms. ~Francoise Story.

Status: Complete.
Type: Short Story.

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