Flames Through Rome.

Amica, the heroine and slave. Age: fourteen. Year: 64 A.D.

Felixa, Amica's slave friend.

Nero, Amica's master and Romen Emperor.

How part of Amica's world looks.

Fire. Orange and red flames leapt from numerous buildings, roaring and laughing with evil delight. Rome was burning. The great city was being destroyed. Sparks jumped from building to building, catching hold of the wood and setting it to flame. Like rivers the fire flowed freely down the street, sweeping up everything in its path, not sparing anyone. Amica watched in horror as children and adults alike fled in terror from the approaching danger. They stumbled, fell, and and tried desperately to get again before the coming crowds trampled them down in their terror to escape. No one seemed to be thinking of others, each only thought of himself and the hope of escape. ~ Flames Through Rome.

Status: Complete. (Note, this does not mean there will not be any revision, it only means that the first draft is done.
Type: Short Story.

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