Escaping the Monster.

Sandra, the heroine and citizen of Pompeii. Age: 13. Year: 79 AD.

Trophimus, Sandra's little brother.

Odessa, Sandra's little sister.

How part of Sandra's world looks.

       Black clouds of smoke wrapped around the top of the mountain, making it look evil and sinister. Red, glowing flames shot up towards the sky, and rumbles and crashes resounded across the city. 
       Sandra put her hands to her cheeks. The mountain was erupting! Vesuvius had become a monster. Panic claimed her for a moment and her limbs refused to move, but then common sense returned, clearing her head and commanding her legs to move once more. "Trophimus! Odessa! Come with me now! We need to leave the odeum!" ~Escaping the Monster.

Status: Complete.
Type: Short Story.

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