Braving the Disease.

James, the hero and tester. (Real Person.) Age: eight. Year: 1796. 

Mr. Phipps, James' father.

Dr. Edward Jenner, the doctor. (Well, obviously.)

Mary, James' milkmaid friend.

How part of James' world looks.

When James got home, he was eager to tell his family about Dr. Jenner’s new idea. His mother was joyful, hoping and praying that the great doctor’s studies would prove to be true, and that there would be a way to cure the dreaded disease. 
But his father was skeptical. “Dr. Jenner is surely a fine doctor, but even he should knew better than to tamper with something so dangerous as smallpox! Mark my words, no good will come of it!” ~Braving the Disease.

Status: Complete.
Type: Short Story.

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