Beta Reading.

No, this isn't a page about "Up," it is something completely different. It is just that the "trusted Lieutenant" of Alpha, head dog of Charles Munce's dogs name is Beta. And THAT is what I wanted to talk about. No, not the dog, the word. Or, I mean, what the word is in context with writing.

Still with me? Good. I don't like to lose people. :) Anywhose, I was wondering if any of you are willing (and maybe wanting but I am not expecting that from my lowly status as a writer) to do some Beta reading for me. Meaning, if any of you don't know, that you email me saying you would like to proof read one of the completed (or uncompleted, if you wish) stories listed on the sidebar for me and point out spelling mistakes/grammatical errors/inconsistencies/unclear or confusing bits of my stories. This isn't a command or a plea, just a question, and no one has to do it if they don't want to. Just thought I'd ask. :)

If any of you are, by any chance, interested in Beta reading for me, please pick one (or two or three if you wanted! :P) of the stories listed below and drop me a note at writing(dot)justdoit(at)

Thanks so much!


Jessy Jones said...
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Jessy Jones said...

I do believe I accidentally pasted a different comment into the previous... oops! So... um... maybe publish it so I can recomment (because I don't remember what I said, exactly), and then I'll delete the first one. Haha, I can't believe I did that o.O

Molly said...

That's okay! Oh, and I would love it if you wanted to Beta Read for me. When you have the time, and if you still want to, just email me or comment! The pages on the side of this blog are not all of the stories I have. I think tomorrow I will put a list on this page of all the ones that could be chosen from. :)

Jessy Jones said...

So now they look all backwards and mixed up. Oh well, makes life interesting, I suppose!


I somehow missed this page before! Of course, I'd love to beta read some of your stories! Not just now, unfortunately, as I've several others I'm beta reading, on top of Independence Day and Emma's birthday and going to Gramma's house, and the BL picnic, too! And (of which I'm super excited) I'm going to be beta reading one of Annegirl's novels later this month. But when I've finished all of these, I will most definitely drop you a note!


Yes, I shall most definitely do that! As soon as the super craziness has abated just a bit :) For now, it's rather interesting to read about them.