Battle of the Bull.

Mamie, the heroine and slave. Age: ten. Year: 1861

William, Mamie's friend.

Master Phillips, Mamie's master. 

How part Mamie's world looks.

“It isn’t that easy, son. Many men here in Virginia would be loath the give up their slaves. With all the trouble brewing, ending slavery could start a civil war. Already it looks like one might start, with the Confederate troops practically laying siege to Fort Sumter.”
“Then a civil war must start, for America cannot go on like this for much longer! Something will have to break, and mark my words, it won’t be the abolitionists! Not if I have anything to do with it! Even if it means I have to go and fight, I will do what it takes to free those slaves!”
“You would kill, William?”
“I would!”
Mamie must have gasped, for William turned toward her. Instead of being angry, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the centre of the room. “Look at her, father! She’s only a child! And yet you enslave her as if she was nothing more than a broom or a mop!”
“If I let my slaves go, I would be ruined, and so would you, William,” Master Phillips said tiredly. “I cannot reduce my family to poverty like that.” ~Battle of the Bull.

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