A Test of Loyalty.

Edward, the hero and blacksmith's son. Age: fourteen. Year: 1775

Edward's father, the blacksmith and Loyalist..

James Grey, Edward's Loyalist friend.

How part of Edward's world looks.

Father put a hand in his shoulder. “Son, I know this is hard for you. But you must come to realize what is right.”
“I know that, father. But it’s hard to think one way, when my heart goes another way. I do not want to break away from Britain, but I believe that what King George is doing is wrong. That’s why I think it is right for the Patriots to fight against the King.”
His father’s hand left his shoulder roughly, almost in a shove. “Enough, Edward! Do not speak treason!” He turned abruptly away, then called back, “Come with me! I need your help shoeing Mr. Owens’ horse.” ~A Test of Loyalty.

Status: Complete.
Type: Short Story.

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