A Golden Future.

This is Fiona, heroine and immigrant. Age: twelve. Year: 1919

This is Patrick, Fiona's younger brother.

How part of Fiona's world looks like.

“Is it true, Fiona?” he asked for the hundredth time, his voice thin.
Fiona nodded, tightening her hold. “It’s true, Patrick.” She looked out over the endless sea. “It’s true. We are going to America at last! We’ll have a fresh start.”
“Will it be the same without Da?”
She froze, willing herself not to cry. It took a minute, but when she spoke, her voice was strong. “No, but Patrick!” He looked trustingly, and Fiona knelt to look him in the eye. “It’s going to be alright. I know it. It’s going to be alright.” ~A Golden Future.

Status: Complete.

Type: Short Story.

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