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Blog Party Tag Answers.

Over at Miss Dashwood's blog, a blog party is being held for Masked, the modern-day Scarlet Pimpernel adaptation I've mentioned on here before. Anyways, a tag was put out to be answered, and I am answering it. If you want to do so yourself, you can go over to Miss Dashwood's blog, linked to above, and answer the questions!

1. The obvious question... how'd you get introduced to the Scarlet Pimpernel?

Umm... I don't know when I first heard about it, but it was I think through my older sisters. My first taste of it was in the way of several clips from the 1982 movie adaptation on my sister's blog, and then I read the first book for school. I saw the whole of the 1982 movie when I was thirteen, or maybe fourteen. I think it was thirteen. I loved it. :)

2.  If you could meet any of the characters in real life, who would you choose and why? (you can use the obvious answer of Sir Percy if you really want to, but this is your chance to get creative. ;))

Well, I think I would like to meet Sir Percy, because he's the hero, and really amazing, but it might also be fun to meet some others of the league, like Lord Tony and Sir Andrew. As to why... um, they came into my head? (I'm very bad at "Why" questions, sorry.) Chauvelin might also be interesting to meet in a kind of scary way. Just to see what he's like. (I will say here that I think I like the Sir Percy of the 1982 movie better than the Sir Percy of the books, and so will most likely be meaning him most of the time when I talk about Sir Percy, as I was in this question.)

3.  What are your top 3 favorite quotes from the books or movies? (yes, just three)

"Sink Me. So 'tis. But then, if you were to look out of that window, you would see me yacht, the Day Dream, ready to take me-- and my men-- safely back to England." (Not 100% sure that is exactly the way the quote goes, but that's basically it.)

"Call it what you will! I will have the Scarlet Pimpernel's head or your brother's." (A violent quote, I know, but it's fun to say so fast, like Chauvelin does.) (Little fun fact: Chauvelin has his own Wikipedia page. :))

I like the whole scene where Percy is going over Chauvelin's dress. (Not dress dress, but dress as in what he's wearing.)

~All three of these were from the 1982 movie, though they could also be in the books. I don't know. :P

4. Who is your favorite supporting character in the books? (Percy and Marguerite are ineligible)

I haven't read many of the books. I think I've only read all of the first three... So I don't know. :) Sorry.

5. Which film versions have you seen and which do you like best?

I have only seen the 1982 version in entirety, though I have seen maybe a minute or thirty seconds of the 1934 version. I like the 1982 version the best, though that isn't really fair to the other, seeing as I haven't seen it fully.

6. What's your top-absolute-favorite scene in the first book? (if you've read it-- if not, what's your favorite scene in whichever movie you prefer?)

Mm, I don't know... (sorry). It's been a long time since I read it. I did like the ending part, though. I didn't think I knew about the beggar. As for the movie, (I'm allowed to answer that part of the question as well) I don't know. I like the scene where Marguerite comes to see Percy in *SPOILER* prison. *END OF SPOILER,* and the ending fencing scene and all, and the proposal.

7. If you could dream-cast a new adaptation of the book (a period piece, that is) who would you choose to play the roles of Sir Percy, Marguerite and Chauvelin?

Hmmmmm....... well, without remembering descriptions from the books on Sir Percy and Marguerite too well.... (And these are picked just right now-- I hadn't thought about this, so it's not really a dream-cast. :P)

Aaron Tveit as Sir Percy.

Stephen Moyer as Chauvelin. (I picked this picture because he looks sinister.)

Sierra Boggess as Marguerite.

8. Do you think the Scarlet Pimpernel does his rescue work purely for "the love of sport," as the narrative would tell us (and as he would often claim) or does he have more noble motives that he won't admit?  Explain your answer.  Show your work.

I think he does it for the sport of it... but.... then... he's so upset when he hears that the King has been beheaded, and he goes to such great risks to save the Dauphin, so I think he does care about the people he's saving, and wishes to help them even if it's dangerous.

9.  Second to Chauvelin, who is the worst villain in the book series, and why?

Maybe Robespierre, because he is evil. :P (I'm pretty rotten at these questions, aren't I?)

10.  What's your favorite novel in the series (if you've read more than one)?  If not, which one are you most excited to read?

Again, I don't know. I was looking forward to the third one, I think, because it was like the ending in the movie.

11.  If you could change one thing about your favorite version of the movie, what would it be?

The scenes with Armand and Louise. Unnecessary, They could have done it the way it is in the book. 

12.  Lastly... how would you convince a skeptical friend to read/watch TSP?  What is it that you love about it?

Oh, I'm not sure. The romance, the thrillingness of it... maybe I could just try showing the friend a trailer, and talking about Sir Percy's heroic deeds.

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