Thursday, 20 August 2015

"Coming Home"

I know I haven't done one of these for a few weeks, for reasons I'll not go into, but here is another Norman Rockwell story.

This painting is called, I think, "Homecoming G.I"

Coming Home
As I leaned against the wall, I felt rather out of place in the run-down street. A happy street, but run-down. The Saucells tried hard to keep their house neat, but Mr. Saucell or Ted seemed to be constantly on the roof of the porch fixing something, and the dirt in front of the house was always collecting trash of some sort.
I glanced around the side of the house. Susie was sitting on the porch with Billy, holding Katrina on her lap. “Katrina, would you go see what mama’s doing?” Susie asked. “I don’t want her to start anything complicated or long, so she can be ready when George gets here.”
Katrina slipped off her sister’s lap and headed inside, and I pulled back around the edge of the wall. So far no one had noticed me, and I didn’t want them to until George came. They hardly knew me yet, and I wanted George to introduce me before the little ones could size me up and see if I was good enough for their brother.
“Hey Ted, are you almost done with the roof?” Billy hollered. “George will be here soon!”
“Yeah, but I want to really fix it this time,” Ted yelled back to his younger brother. “Go inside and see if papa has any suggestions as to where I should place this sheet of metal.”
I peeked around and saw Billy run into the house. Susie stood on the edge of the porch and drooped her arms over the railing, looking down the street. I looked in the same direction, trying to see if I could spot George, perhaps before she did.
Suddenly he came around the corner and I pressed against the wall, feeling nervous and shy. “Mama!” Susie cried out. “George is home!”
I watched from around the corner of the wall as the Saucells’ house and the one next to it suddenly seemed to shed people. Mrs. Saucell came running out the door and stopped on the porch, throwing her arms wide. Billy charged down the steps with Katrina behind him as George stopped and looked at the welcoming committee before him.
“George, welcome home!” several people shouted, including Mrs. Saucell, who was practically bellowing. Her husband came partially out the door behind her, holding his pipe in his hand and looking both startled and happy at the same time, though startled was winning.
“Hey George!” Ted called from the roof. The Saucells’ dog ran up to George, and George crouched over to pet it, then jerked out of his quiet attitude and slammed into Billy in a big hug as his brother came crashing into him. I pressed back against the wall, my dress feeling damp from the bricks, and waited for him to come see me. I didn’t want to get crushed by Billy and Susie, which would happen if we all tried to greet him at once.
I didn’t know if he had actually seen me; he’d been watching his family the whole time, it had looked like. Sighing, I rested my elbows against the bricks and closed my eyes, and George suddenly took my hand.
“I missed you, Helen.”
I opened my eyes and smiled at him, taking his other hand. “I missed you too, George.”
The End
I know it is Thursday, and these are supposed to be posted on Tuesdays, but I never actually did it Tuesday. I was going to, but I forgot.

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