Friday, 5 June 2015

Don't Lose Hope.

Hope snuggled deeper into her corner. Outside, people walked up and down, talking or shouting. Their voices sounded harsh, some filled with dreariness, as if they were ready to give up.

Peeking out, Hope watched as an old man and woman slowly walked by, holding onto the walls they passed to help them along. The woman looked very sad, and she didn't look up at all. The man's face looked numb, like something had happened that he could not deal with, could not explain.

Hope sighed. Why didn't anyone look for her? She was always there, but nobody seemed to want to try. No one was searching for her, asking for her.

Trying a different angle of the street, Hope saw a young man rush by. He was obviously being chased, but Hope didn't see anyone following him. She wished she could call out to him, and let him see her, but she couldn't do anything by herself; she couldn't talk or move.

Why didn't these people understand that God would help them find her? They needed to turn to Him. Why didn't they? War had happened before, and would happen again. Jesus had said so. Why didn't all those people ask God to lead them to her? They needed to find her. They used to call for her so loudly, but now they used whispers, or nothing at all.

Two last people were coming up the street. It was another couple, but a young couple-- a man and his wife. They didn't looked heartbroken, just sad, and Hope felt a flutter of anticipation. Was God leading them to find her? They looked as if they might be looking for her.

She sat very still. The man began talking quietly. "Lina, I know it'll be hard, but God will take care of us. If He chooses, I'll come back from the war, and our baby will be born, and safe and healthy when I do. God will protect us. We must just never, ever lose hope. "

Hope smiled. They had found her.

This scene was for the Quote Queste on Miss Melody Muffin's blog.


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Like it!! :)

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This is a beautiful scene, Molly!!!!

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