Friday, 24 April 2015

A Truth.

Melanie followed her boss down the hall, gripping her fingers and teeth together at the same time. "Ronald, why didn't you tell those kids? Or their mom? Or Mr. Goland? How can you keep them waiting for so long?'
Ronald turned around and stared at her. "I can't tell them before I know absolutely, positively, that Mr. Goland has cancer."
Sitting down, Melanie banged her head against her palms. "How can you? I wouldn't want to hurt those people either, if that's what you're afraid of, but they should know that there is danger."
Slumping beside her, Ronald stamped his foot. "I know! But Rick just looked so upset I felt afraid to."
Melanie scratched her cheek. "He did look mad, kind of, and also scared. But Ronald, you're a professional doctor, and you can't do something like this! It's pretty definite that Mr. Goland has cancer, and you need to tell him and his family."
Ronald got up and stared out the window at the setting sun. "There's an old Greek proverb that says, 'A truth spoken before its time is dangerous.' Maybe this truth hasn't reached its time yet."
Standing up from her chair, Melanie went over and touched Ronald's arm. "I don't think so. Besides, a truth spoken after its time can be dangerous, too."

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Jack said...

Ep! I want to know more! (I liked it, a nice little snippet but very powerful.)

Molly said...

Jack: Thanks! If you're interested, I've written another part of a story about this for Rachel's Chatterbox event, which you can look at here.

Warning: It contains spoilers.

Miss Melody Muffin said...

I like it, Molly! Thank you for participating in QQ!

Molly said...

Miss Melody Muffin: You're welcome! And thank you for hosting it! :)