Monday, 26 January 2015

"No Dogs Allowed."

My sister Kimmy writes. So, she is having a guest appearance on this blog. So, her work. For you.

Why did I write that like a letter? Hmm, I should have written "Dear Followers," at the beginning.

The doors closed, and the man in the elevator looked at Bully.
“Don’t you know it’s “no dogs allowed” in this hotel?” Randy knew they would have to answer. He looked up and said the first thing that came into his head,
“What dog?”
“The dog you have there!”
“I don’t see any dog,” said Randy looking straight into the mans eyes. Do you see any dog Isaiah?”
“No,” Said isaiah looking everywhere in the elevator except for where Bully was. And Jill must have had something in her throat because she coughed loudly. Sophie looked beseechingly into the man’s eyes.
“Have you had headaches lately?” She asked.
“Well, maybe my head’s been a bit sore...”
“OH.” Said Isabell, mournfully looking at her feet. Jill coughed loudly. Just then the elevator stopped and in walked the manager.The kids froze. ~ Randy's Wild Adventure

I am the most stupid person in the world!” He mourned, pulling at his hair and coming into his room.
“WHAT?” It was Isaiah sitting on his bed and looking at Randy as if he had grown horns.
“Say that again.” Jack said, gleefully. Randy Groaned. ~ Randy's Wild Adventure

“Beastly little girl. CLIFFORD?” Willoughby looked about his chamber.
“Right here sir.” Said a boy near him. He was tall with rather scruffy red hair and sad brown eyes that kind of made him look like a puppy. That is, if dogs could be red. ~Needs A Name (That's her version of my "This story has no name yet" or whatever. :) )

Child: A young Human below the age of maturity. The synonyms were youngster and little one.  Elsbeth decided to do some further research. She saw words like young youth juvenile, and kid. And all the time she thought Am I a kid? Of Course she knew she had parents, but they had died. But how could she think everyone was a grown up? Did the court members know that there had been kids? And if they did why hadn’t they told her? Why had they treated her as a grownup? Was she a grownup? Elsbeth looked down at the book she was holding and saw a sub-definition for child.
An immature or irresponsible person.
“Nope.” Said Elsbeth “I’m not a child.” ~ Needs A Name

Goodbye, for now!