Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A Letter.

I am not being the best of posters for this blog. Therefore, I am posting. Lately, I haven't been doing that much writing, for different reasons which I shall not discuss here, but I am going to pst what I can. So, I give you a letter.

But, before I do, I will explain. This is going to be a letter from one of my characters, from one of my Historical Fiction Short Story characters. Now, no one has to do this if they don't want to, but it might be fun if I post a letter from one of my characters, and either you or one of your characters if you write answers, either in the comments, or you can leave a link to your blog. Who knows, maybe it'll be fun fun. :) The characters may be writing from any time in the story, or perhaps after.

Dear Readers,

My name is Carlos Ruiz, and I am thirteen years old. I am right now in the Mexican army of Santa Anna, with my older brother Lucas. We are waiting outside the Alamo, near the city of San Antonio, ready to attack the Texans inside.

I have a question. What would you do in my position? My brother Lucas has conflicting feelings. He has discovered he does not want to kill the Texans, but he has a strong and deep loyalty to our horrible leader, Santa Anna, despite his cruelties. I know that my brother will fight to the death for his country and government, but I wish him to live. It would be of no avail to try to persuade him to turn against our leader.

Now for me. Who should I stand for? Our country's leader is a terrible one, but the Texans are wrong to rebel, are they not? Which side should I stand for? Should I desert the army of my country, leaving my brother? I could go and help the rebellious Texans, but what if they are the wrong ones?

But how can I help such a cruel dictator as Santa Anna? Are there no answers for me? You, who live much later in time than 1836, may know.

             Carlos Ruiz

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