Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Louis Benett-- Beautiful People.

This is super late, but here is my Beautiful People post! I'm doing Louis Benett, from my story A Matter of Trust that needs some serious revision. I need to actually get around to doing it.

1. What is their motive?

Hmm, does Louis have a motive? He does things because he wants to, or because he wants revenge. Yeah, revenge can be a factor, at least for part or the main thing of what he does in the story.

2. What do they want, and what are they prepared to do to get it?
Revenge. Louis will do anything to take revenge on anyone who had hurt him or wronged him. Jacques happens to be the person he's after.

3. How do they deal with conflict?
Violence, usually, or else sickly sweet, cunning words to try and slide his way out of whatever situation or conflict he's in.

4. Describe their current place of residence.
Umm, well, it depends where in the story. But before the story began he was in a jail cell in Calais. 

5. If they were writing this story, how would it end?
Heh. Well, answering that could give away some stuff, so can I just say that things would end differently than they do, and in Louis' favor?

6. What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to them?
I'm not sure if he has any.

7. How do they show love? What do they like to do with/for people they love?
Louis never loved anyone but his sister, who died of tuberculosis when she was eight and he was eleven. He doesn't make any show of love, but mostly was just rude to her whenever they were together. He isn't the best in showing love. He liked to pinch the back of her neck. He would care for her when she was sick, and wanted to be with her when she got tuberculosis, but he wasn't allowed.

8. Do they have any pets?
Nope, Louis doesn't want to have any, because he would have to take care of them.

9. Where would they go to relax/think?
Anywhere where there's plenty of money, so probably a bank.

10. What is their weapon of choice? (FYI: words, eyes/looks, and fists count as weapons, too.)
A pistol.


Penelope Grace said...

Louis? A pistol. Hmm... Sounds like a very interesting villain. I think I might like him. Wait. One question: Is he a vigilante?

Wow! Beautiful people meme. I did one too for September. Villains.

Molly said...

No, he isn't. I will say that I had to look up and skim over what the3 word meant. :P Louis just does evil things.