Thursday, 11 September 2014

Alphabet for 9/11.

A mother, carrying her
Baby into the
Center of World Trade.
Down a hallway and up seemingly
Eternel stairs they go to a high up
Going into the office, mama,
Holding her baby with one arm,
Inspects her progress from the previous day.
Just as she is about to begin her work,
Katelyn, her baby, begins to cry.
Leaving her computer,
Mama takes her baby down to the lobby,
Not knowing what is going to happen to the upper floors she just left.
Over the buildings of New York, a
Plane flies, and then crashes deliberately into the World Trade Center.
Quickly, as the building rocks and shakes, panicked people
Run, trying to get away from the crumbling tower to
Terrorists have attacked the World Trade Center and in
Under half-an-hour, the other tower is hit by another plane.
Very terrified, mama and Katelyn stand and cry
With some of the other people who were not killed in the attack.
Xavier, mama’s husband, has been injured, though not killed.
Years after the attack, Katelyn will still see the pain and hurt left by the
Zealous terrorism that happened to America, on September 11, 2001.
~Molly Weston

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