Wednesday, 20 August 2014

"Will There be Cake? I Love Cake."

Anne-girl is starting a new blog! It's called Half-Baked and is for writing stories. It is being launched or whatever you would call that on September 1st, and I hear read that there is to be a giveaway! (Ooh, something free! :D)

So hasten over to Anne-girl's blog, linked to earlier, to find out more details!

Half Baked

Anyone know what the title quote is from? :)


Jessy Jones said...

I recognized the title immediately. But I'm afraid I can't remember it's origins... :/

Molly said...

Well, unless I am mistaken, it is from "Little Bear." Cat says it. Wait, it *is* in one of the movies, right? It could be from the computer CD game. Whatever. :P

You know, your profile picture looks like she is thinking on what the caption could be from. :)