Thursday, 14 August 2014

Today Is August 14th.

"Yes," you may say, "It is indeed August 14th, and why is Molly being so obvious?"


Today is my sister Anne-girl's birthday, and she is seventeen. Now, on my... was it last year's birthday? I believe it was. Anyway, on whatever birthday it was, she gave me a piece of paper-- two, actually, but I'm focussing on one-- that was a note. A note from her characters, from some of them, at least.

In the note, her characters (well, Roddy, but some of the others had their names at the bottom) told me to keep going. You see, the note was for when I was discouraged in writing. It told me to keep going and a few other things that, I will say, are very nice. :)

So, to explain why I am bringing all this up, I will let this post be finished. (Did that make sense?)

Dear Anne-girl,
We are copycats, aren't we? Apparently we aren't smart enough to think of original birthday presents, but I guess since Molly gave you the credit for the idea-- and if she didn't, we do now-- we can't get arrested for copyright and all, can we?
Hope not. My name is Jacques-- perhaps you have heard of me? Yes, I know you have, because you drew a picture of me, and two of my colleagues. Well, at least, it was the back of us. Our faces were not visible. 
I am straying from the purpose of this note.
Myself and Arthur and Rita and Barbara and Greg are here to say that Molly really likes your writing. Why isn't she saying this herself? Remember, we're copying. :P
Molly has wept and smiled over your stories about Eric and Nicolas and Roddy-- a jolly good fellow-- oh wait, I'm not British; I'm French. Whatever.
Ahem. I, Arthur, have stolen the keyboard away from Jacques, for his writing of the note was going rapidly downhill.
What we are going to say is this: you're a great writer, and you should keep going. Even when it's hard. Because you have quite a few people who enjoy and maybe even LOVE your stories and certain characters in them. Not every writer os aspiring writer or whatever gets that. You have a talent for this, and you should keep going.
~ Greg, Barbara, Arthur, Rita, Jacques.

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