Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The End of the June Crusade.

The end is here. Was here. Yesterday, the June Crusade ended. I was happily able to do all eight plot bunnies that we were supposed to do. Thank you, Lord! A few days before the finish I realized how many I still had to do. Not very pleasing. :P

But I made it!

Anne-girl made this for the people who completed!

There are the titles of the plot bunnies that I introduced to this blog this past month, and this is what I plan to do with them.

  • The Scars of War

This one is probably my favorite of all of them. I have already completed the first draft of this story and am slowly working on editing it. The main characters are Barbara and Greg, and, like most of my characters, I love them. :D

  • Happily Never After

This one I might keep working on, but I'm not sure. I had wanted to write a story like this for a little while, so I might continue working on it. Not sure, though. The main character is Heather, who can also go by Princess Marigold.

  • Secrets in the China

I don't think I will continue this right away. I might keep going, or I might just never write it. Who knows? The main character is Chantal.

  • Exchange Prisoner

Right now I do not think I will be completing this. The main character is Angela.

  • The War Across the Seas

I think this one might get added to my Historical Fiction Short Story collection. The MC is Charlotte.

  • It Happened on Saturday...

Not sure about what to do with this one. MC is Eddie.

  • Saving Beauty
Again please ignore the word "Naming." :D

I think I might continue this one at some point; I rather like it. :D MC is... hmm, I'm actually not sure if it's "Beauty" or Harrison. :P

  • House of Books

I think I will continue this one as well, I like it and want to figure out some more about it. MC is Liza.


So, there they are! All eight of them! Thank you to Anne-girl and Wilber for doing this challenge, and thank you to all you kind followers who read my posts and commented with all kinds of nice things to say. Do have some cyber chocolate. :D Tootle pip!

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