Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Goal For This Month.

Over at Katie's blog, Whisperings of the Pen, she is once more hosting "Actually Finishing Something in July." I participated last year, though not on this blog, since it wasn't around this time last year.

Here are the questions for Week One.

1) What is your writing goal? 

To finish editing the collection of Historical Fiction Short Stories I have been writing and putting together. It is not yet complete; I will probably add more and may take some away, but my goal is to finish editing the first drafts of the ones in the collection. My date right now is 1862. 

I was actually going back and forth today as to what my goal would be for this month. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this, or try and finish the first draft of my Leonardo Story. I finally chose this this evening.

2) Give us a short synopsis of your project. 

I might change this to try and make it better, but here is the back cover blurb I have.

History. The story of what happened before our time. Many books have been written on this subject, recounting what has happened in the past. But how did these events appear to kids? To teenagers maturing into adults?
What did the fire in Rome seem like to a young girl terrified of fire? How scary can it be to test a vaccine at the age of eight? Is war a game or a terror to a hot-headed sixteen year old boy? How hard could it have been to have your best friend persecuted because of her religion?
History happened to young people just as much as it did to adults. Children and teenagers have been a part of past events, helping to make the history we know now. This book tells the stories of history from the eyes of young people ages eight to seventeen. Join Amica, Paul, Edward, Carlos, Tim, Kolaki, Ana, Ben, and many more as their stories are told and you see history from their eyes.

BTW, not all of the MCs here are in the collection yet, some don't have their first drafts done as of now.
3) How long have you been working on this project? 

Ummmm..... let me go check.... I might be wrong, but I believe I started on September 1, 2012, when I began working on Frozen in Time. Now, I don't remember if I had the collection in mind when I started writing this short story, but it is the oldest short story in the collection, I believe. So, I have been working on it for one year, eight months and one day. :P

4)  How often do you intend to write in order to reach your goal by August 1st? 

Hopefully every day except for Sundays.

5) Introduce us to three of your favorite characters in this project.

Oof, that is HARD. Ummmm... how can I decide?

Timothy George Green, MC from War Boy.

Jeffrey Horace Coles, one of the MCs from When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

Maybe Zachariah Hiram Beech, a secondary character from At Home on the Frontier.

This could change though, especially with Zach. I love many of my characters, some more than others. It's hard to choose.

6)  Go to page 16 (or 6, 26, or 66) of your writing project. Share your favorite line or snippet on the page.

“Mmm...” he rubbed his chin slowly, drained the last from the wine goblet and tossed it to a slave standing by, who only barely managed to catch it. ~Flames Through Rome. 

This one is probably the best that I could find on the specified pages, but I don't think it of itself is that good. :P

7) Tea or coffee? 

Tea, please!


Emma Clifton said...

Wow, this sounds like a really cool collection! Especially the story about the Roman fire.

Alyianna Baggins said...

Love your history short story ideas! I would love to read something like this. :)

Molly said...

Emma Clifton and Alyianna Baggins: Thank you both so much!