Monday, 30 June 2014

The Last ONe!

This is my last plot bunny and first scene! I did it!


A house full of books. What more could a bookworm ask for? All alone in a strange new community, Liza discovers an old house full to the brim with books. Once inside, she finds herself in the midst of the biggest personal book collection in the world. But what happened to the owner? What is the mystery behind the staircase in the middle of the house? A twisting, gold-covered one, the grandest thing she had ever seen. But something is wrong. A crime has been committed inside these hushed walls, with only the books as witnesses. And they’re not revealing what they saw. Liza determines to uncover the secret of the old house, even if she has to remove each and every book from the shelf. But she only has so much time before the mayor of the town knocks down the old house, hiding the truth from view forever.


“She skipped hastily up the stairs, tripping on the rich red carpet rumpled up in a dusty corner. Pain sting her palms, but there was no time to waste; swiftly she recovered her footing and dashed towards the balcony protruding from the side of the old mansion. Lightning, like flashes of fire across the blood red sky, illuminated the scene before her. Antonio, his knife raised to plunge it into the heart of the villainous Roberto was outlined in a split second in a flash of lightning.
“With a scream, Anita flung herself between Roberto and the knife and pleaded for the evil one’s life. Antonio paused, held frozen by her piteous cries. Finally, though his heart still burned with anger towards the villain who had ruined his life, he spared the wicked man. However, as he sheathed his knife, Roberto, feeling no thanks within his poisonous heart, spat at her merciful hero.
“All the injustice and villainy came rushing back and with a shout, Antonio heaved Roberto to his feet and struck him a blow across the face. A fight ensued, raging back and forth in front of the terrified Anita, who stood trembling against the stone wall. Finally, the two broke away with a lurch and Roberto went plunging over the edge of the balcony to his death.”
A thump sounded in her ears, followed by a faint scream. Liza opened her eyes in surprise, half expecting to see the dead Roberto of her story lying at her feet. No such man was there, only an old, faded book. Picking it up, Liza looked around, the scream still echoing in her ears. Where had the book and scream come from?
She turned a full circle before she saw the house. Towering above her, a stately mansion of crumbling brick and stone rose. It was set back from the dirt path she was on, and almost covered from view by vines and trees. But there is was all the same. Chills ran up and down Liza’s spine as her eyes traveled up the side of the house and landed on a balcony. A balcony just like the one in her story.


Jack said...

Okay, that is a brilliant idea! I love it!

Selena said...

That sounds amazing! And how I would love to visit that house full of books :)