Friday, 20 June 2014

Questions For the June Crusade.

You know, I am not good at post titles. In fact, I'm not good at titles, period. I still need to come up with a title for my Beauty and the Beast retelling story. :/

Well. Anyway, here are the questions that were posted on Anne-girl's blog for the June Crusade. So, here we go! I am answering them for my latest plot bunny, Exchange Prisoner.

Pick a "villain song" for this bunny. {i. e. Gaston,Falcon in the Dive }

Ummmm, I'm not very good at picking songs like this.... perhaps "Me" from Beauty and the Beast?

Take the first character you created for this bunny, what is his or her worst fear?

Heights. Angela is deathly afraid of heights. It doesn't help that she's now locked in a tower.

What does your protagonist do on wednesdays? Antagonist?

Count Tomas always goes sailing. Angela counts the stains on the floor of her room.

If your protagonist could steal something what would it be?

Angela would steal the key to her room. Also Count Tomas' wig. No one else but she knows he has one.

Give two of your characters a special thing that they do {like a special handshake, an inside joke, a tradition together}

Angela and her fellow prisoner Bertram the Monkey give each other high fives each morning and console each other abut the height problem. Bertram is afraid of heights too.

Pick the epicest person in your book and describe them. Preferably give an actor as well.

I'm not sure if I have a really epic person. This plot bunny isn't that good, and not too thought out.... maybe Count Tomas. He has a moustache with curly ends that he can twirl, and a big hat. This fits well!

This is Matt Baynton.

Which Jane Austen Character does your protagonist most resemble?

I don't know. Maybe Jane Bennet? I really don't know. Let me take a quiz... Marrianne Dashwood! Okay... 

How would your characters react to an airplane ride?

Angela would be terrified. She's scared of heights, remember?

What demographic could this bunny be for?

For anyone, I guess. Perhaps, though, more likely for ten to fourteen year olds?

Describe your inciting event

Ummm, the moment when she realizes that Count Tomas is in love with her. 

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