Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Plot Bunny #3: "Secrets in the China."

So, here is #3 for the June Crusade! Oh, by the way, the last one about Heather is called Happily Never After, just so ya know.

Secrets in the China

In a country filled with chaos, anger and fear, not many will stick their necks out to save others. Chantal is no such coward. Faced with the imprisonment of Andre, Chantal must find a way to save her brother from the blade of the guillotine. But how can she, with the Republic watching everyone so closely?

The answer is in her trade. By hiding secret messages in the china she makes, Chantal is able to smuggle information to her brother and other prisoners, showing them how to escape. But the Republic is becoming suspicious, and still her brother is not free. Will her operation be discovered? If so, it could mean the death of herself and all those she is striving so hard to rescue. Chantal is not about to let that happen without a struggle. But how much will her struggle cost?

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