Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pictures For My New Story.

I bet you all have heard of or seen Pinterest. I do not have a Pinterest account, but here are some pictures that go with the Beauty and the Beast retelling that I'm
writing. So you can pretend that this post is my Pinterest board. :D I believe most of the pictures have to do with Greg. Whom, I think might be my favorite character. :)

Someone needs to tell this to Greg.

Okay, so this is actually from Beauty and the Beast, but it fits, obviously.

Greg again.

This is Greg and a certain person in the story.

Greg. Yup, most of these are for Greg. Why can't I find some for Barbara?

Greg? Don't you get it? Why can't you understand?

Guess who this is for?

Barbara needs to say something to that affect to Greg.


Nope, not Greg. This is Stewart.

Greg and Barbara.

No. No you're not, Greg. :(

Just change 'everyone else' to Barbara.

Greg after a certain point in the story. 

This story needs a name. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, contains fear, anger, bitterness, a wicked plot, lies, and misunderstanding. Also love. Love is the greatest thing in the world. Except for an MLT. Mmm, mutton, lettuce and tomato, when the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato... okay, I'll stop. :D Kudos if you got that quote. :) But anyway, does anyone have any suggestions at a title? I;m not very good at picking a good one, or even thinking of one.


Jessy said...

I love Greg. I don't know if you've posted about him other than in this post, but I love him.

So, you must now write this story and, of course, live up to my expectations of him!

Demanding much?

haha just kidding. But only about the demanding expectations!

Molly said...

Jessy: I'm so glad you like Greg! It makes me feel happy that he is liked! I hope he will live up to your expectations! He is also at least briefly in... four other posts. "My First Plot Bunny Back Cover," "The First Scene of the First Plot Bunny," "Beautiful Greg," and "Of Boats."

Jessy said...

Wonderful! I shall read them immediately. After I finish watching this soccer game. World Cup, you know! ;)

PS Awesome new header! How do you guys make them?

Molly said...

Have fun watching the soccer game! Who won? :)

Thank you! I found the pictures on Google and made them into a collage in PicMonkey by arranging them how I wanted and choosing a type of font for the words. PicMonkey is a really good tool for making stuff like that, and for editing pictures, too.

Jessy said...

I think I was watching Costa Rica vs. Italy when I posted that. Costa Rica won. (Definitely went my way!)

The World Cup is a series of games, starting with (currently) 8 groups of 4 teams each playing against each other. (Each team is from a certain country.) Eventually, we end up with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. :)

Thanks!! I'll check that out.