Monday, 2 June 2014

My First Plot Bunny Back Cover.

Well, the June Crusade Plot Bunny Challenge has started and here is plot bunny back cover #1!

Barbara hadn't seen her fiance, Greg, since America had entered World War II. Now he's finally back and Barbara is ready to pick up their relationship once more. But something has changed. Greg is different; cold, distant, and almost angry. The change is so great that Barbara begins to view him as a cold-hearted beast, not a man. 
Tempers heat as the two clash again and again, anger building up until their relationship is ripped in twain by a horrible fight, leaving Barbara with no love, no Greg, and a choice to move on, or try to heal the broken Beast of a man she once loved. 

This is Barbara.

This is Greg.

Click here to go the Anne-girl's blog where the June Crusade is being hosted!


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Cool! I can't wait for the first scene!

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