Friday, 27 June 2014

It Happened on Saturday... #6.

Here I go with number six plot bunny and first scene, both in one post. Yesterday I was very efficient! :D

“Oh, go jump in the lake!” “ “You need to take that with a pinch of salt.” “That’s a bunch of bologna.” Have you ever said something figuratively, something you really didn’t mean? Well what would happen if when you said something, it actually happened? One Saturday morning, when Eddie woke up, he found himself in a different world than the one he had lived in Friday night, a world where everything is taken seriously.

At first it was fun. Actually getting a guy with a mohawk to jump in the lake, and saying that he couldn’t see the lady in front of him in the store so she would really disappear. But things are getting out of hand. Eddie can’t seem to control what he says, and the “Literal World” is becoming a chaotic mess. He has to do something before everything falls apart. Can he curb his tongue?

Going to bed on Friday nights was never pleasant for Eddie. Friday nights meant that the next morning would be chore day, and that meant taking out the garbage, clipping the grass around Aunt Matilda’s flower beds and running down to the corner drugstore to buy a sack of peppermints for Aunt Matilda to take the nursing home on Sunday.
Aunt Matilda always handed out peppermints at the nursing home they went to each Sabbath to visit the elderly. She never called the residents anything else in private but “the elderly.” Uncle Ralph would usually snort and mumble something to the effect that he and she weren’t that far from being elderly themselves. In answer Aunt Matilda would pat his hand and give him a peppermint. She never gave Eddie any peppermints until after church in Sunday morning to ensure his good behavior.
Eddie longed for peppermints on Saturday nights. He would watch with huge eyes as Uncle Ralph ate at least three, but nary a one was he allowed to have, which was very trying for a seven year old.
And so he disliked Friday night bedtime. This Friday night was no better or worse than any other. Eddie kissed his aunt and uncle goodnight and climbed the five stairs to the upper hallway to his bedroom. After doing the usual boring things to ready himself for a restful night, he clambered into bed and stared at the glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.
“I’ll pretend that big one is a planet where they eat nothin’ but peppermints, all day long,” Eddie whispered confidingly to Donald, the faded yellow dog lying beside him on the bed. Donald, being only a toy, made on response, and so Eddie went on. “Yep, they eat nothin’ but peppermints, and there’s no such thing as grass that gets so long that you have to cut it with shears that hurt your fingers to move.”
Eddie laced his fingers behind his head. “But I guess that isn’t very realistic. Wish it was, though. But it’s just a bunch of bologna.”
His eyes drooped, but he did not fall asleep right away, for it is one thing to say people can fall asleep “as soon as their heads touch the pillow,” but quite another to actually do it. Especially when you can still hear boys playing baseball in the old lot down the street, and you have to stay in bed and not go out and play. It was really rather trying, what with having to go to bed a whole half hour before most of the other boys, and... Eddie was asleep.

This cover I actually made quite a while ago, but yesterday I fitted it with a story, named the little boy whom I find rather adorable and edited the picture itself a little. :)

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Bound and Freed said...

I've had an idea very similar to this -- very different, too, of course -- but I wanted to write a story where the careless phrases we use had immediate repercussions. So I like this plot bunny of yours.