Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Fair Tale Endings.

For some time, I had wanted to write a story about a girl whose parents are getting divorced, but had never started. Today while trying to think of ideas for my next plot bunny, I came up with this.

“And they all lived happily ever after.” Those words can be the perfect ending for a story. Wouldn’t it be marvelous if things worked that way in real life? Heather wishes they could. In her storybooks, everything is resolved in a happy ending with plenty of romance, joy, and of course, butterflies. Because how can you have a fairy tale ending without butterflies?
But things aren’t so simple in her own life. Her parents argue almost every day, and it looks like the fairy tale she dreams of will never come to pass. Words like divorce, argue, unfair, and cruel never appear in a princess story ending. And the word cancer is never, never used. Princesses don’t get cancer.
Only in real life, these words get used, and often. Heather knows she is a princess, but her parents don’t seem to want a happy ending. Well, then, she must make them have one. But time is running out. The curtain is falling, and Heather isn’t ready to take her final bow.

Well, there it is, my second of eight plot bunnies! Au revoir for now!

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Jessy said...

Wow. Yes, yes, yes. Excellent! :)