Saturday, 28 June 2014


Second to last plot bunny and first scene!

A hurricane has just ripped through Haiti, leaving many villages desolate. As a rescue team makes its way through the crumbled remains of a little community, they find a single survivor. Tucked away in the shambles of a partially crushed hut, a tiny girl lies. No clue is found as to her identity, and Harrison, the head rescuer, can find nobody to take the helpless orphan. Nobody except his wife. She insists they take the two year old back to the United States with them. But things aren’t that easy.
Does this little survivor have a name? Is she really two? And why does she keep running off? Harrison is at his wit’s end trying to communicate with the child, having a limited knowledge of Haitian himself. Could this beautiful little girl’s strange habits have a secret meaning? Could it be that her parents are not dead after all?

I like using covers that I have made for story ideas! The title doesn't really fit anymore, though. I think this one is going to be called "Haiti's Orphan."

And now for the first scene.

“This whole village is in ruins, absolute ruins,” Harrison said grimly, shading his eyes from the terrific heat. “I doubt we’ll find a single survivor, or habitable hut in this whole place.”
“Let’s just keep looking,” Micah persisted calmly, pushing aside some rubble. “We couldn’t just give up on the assumption that there are no survivors. Someone could die!”
Harrison wiped sweat from his forehead. “I didn’t say we should give up. Let’s look farther over here. Hey!” he turned and shouted to the others of the rescue team. “Micah and I are heading over this way!”
“Okay, boss!” someone shouted back, raising a hand.
“C’mon, Micah,” Harrison said, turning to his second-in-command. “I want to check out those buildings over there.”
“Or what’s left of them” sighed Micah. “I’ve been on this team for five year, but it still gets me every time.”
“What does?”
“How horribly these earthquakes affect the villages of Haiti. Look at this place. Two days ago it was a peaceful community. Now it looks like a war has been fought here.”
Harrison sighed heavily. “Yeah. Here, this hut’s only partially ruined. Let’s check it out.” He ducked cautiously between the crumbled walls. “Is anyone in here?”
“Do you see anyone?” Micah asked from behind him. “I--”
“Micah, hush a moment, will you?” Harrison threw up a hand, scanning the debris with his eyes. “I heard something over there.”
“Here’s a flashlight,” Micah whispered, pressing the item into his leader’s hand.
Harrison began gingerly pulling aside pieces of thatch that had fallen from the roof, using his flashlight to illuminate his work. “Well, cook me up and serve me with gravy!” he whispered suddenly. “Micah, look!”
“What?” Micah entered the hut quickly. “Did you find someone?”
“Yes,” Harrison smiled. “Just one person. A very tiny one. Micah, it’s a toddler. A little orphaned girl.”


Only one more to go!


Bound and Freed said...

This looks like something I would love to read. If you decide to finish it, let me know...

Molly said...

Bound and Freed: Who knows? I must just decide to finish it. :)