Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Guilt does not Die.

Over at Rachel's Blog, it is Chatterbox time again! This month the theme in resurrection. So, without further ado, let me begin!

He had left home to burry all of it behind him, but still it followed. It would follow him to the ends of the earth, that he was sure of. What must he do to be rid of his guilt?

"I wish you would leave me alone. Why can't you stay buried?"

You left. You left without explaining. Without saying goodbye.

"I had no choice. How could I tell them? How could I tell her?"

You fear her.

"I don't!"

You do. You fear her scorn, her disappointment, her anger. But most of all, you fear the loss of her love.

"Yes, I do. She's more important to me than anything. How could I bring her such sorrow by telling her the truth?"

And do you not bring her sorrow by staying away, by hiding?

"She's not strong. The news could kill her."

Yes, she is not strong, Did it not occur to you that perhaps your leaving killed her? That she is already dead?

"Don't say such things1! Of course I thought of that! But I can't go back. She would never have me if I told."

You misjudge your finace. Agatha is stronger than you think. Perhaps not in body, but in soul and mind.

"I'm afraid to go back."


"Why do you still haunt me? I wish to be down with you, and that part of my life! Begone from me and follow me no longer!"

I cannot and will not leave, not until you have put this crime to rest.

"Have I not put it to rest already? No one knows about it; I have hidden all the evidence."

You know.

"I will forget... in time."

You have already tried to forget, and yet here I am. You cannot kill your conscience.

"You mock me. I have suffered every day and night since that day. At nights it is worst, it is then that I see the whole picture as clearly as the day it happened. I see his eyes, his face."

Agatha is not the only one you fear. You fear the law.

"Yes! Do you have to pull everything out of me? Can I not hide anything from you? I fear the law, of course! I would be killed if I return, and then Agatha would be no better off than she is now."


"I mistrust your tone. What are you saying?"

I mean that Agatha might have turned to someone else by now. Someone she can trust and rely on. A man whom will stay by her no matter what.

"Now you confuse me! First you say she is longing for me, now you say she has turned to another."

I do not say, I only suppose. I am not God.

"What is God to me? Why do you bring Him up?"

What is God to you? He is much; you fear Him also.

"Not true!"

Then why do you cower away from the sound of His name?

"I've had enough of this conversation! As I told you before, I wish to be left alone! Stop resurrecting bad memories! I wish to be left alone!"

You do not really wish that. You would go mad. But I will leave you for now. Leave you to your guilty thoughts, your prideful thinking. Guilt does not die until it is put to rest in the proper way, Michael.

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