Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Writing Historical Fiction. (Mainly Short Stories.) Part One.

So, over at Anne-girl's Blog, it is Scribblers Conference time! Well, actually, it started yesterday, but oh well. :P I have chosen a theme to post about, and it is, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, about writing Historical Fiction, and mainly Historical Fiction Short Stories. (This will be hereby in these posts referred to as HFSS to make the typing easier for me. :P)


So. Let me first say that I do not hold myself as a great, writer who can tell everybody how their writing can be better. However, I have been writing HF for a little while now.. maybe half a year or more if you're counting serious writing.... and I am going to put down the basics for you.

Now, there are many different categories of writing. Epic fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, non-fiction, mysteries, etc., etc. And of course, historical fiction. :P I have written (and when I say written, I mean serious or not-serious-but-later-made-serious writing) two contemporary novella stories, (well, contemporary being in the 2000's) a novel taking place in the 1950's, and various short stories and Snippet Stories. But other than writing Snippet Stories, which, you may know by now, is when I see or read something in real life and write a story for it, I find that writing HF is something I can do more easily than other types of writing.

Even when I was little, I liked things to be real. When my sisters and I would play pretend games, I was usually the one who wanted to use dress-up clothes, and real cups, bowls, chairs, and what have you. I wanted to see and feel the things that my sisters were fine with just pretending about. And now, when I write, I find it easier to rely on facts and things the really happened to base my stories on. Of course, it's not like I can't just make up a story and pretend happenings. That I can do fine. But I can't, like Anne-girl does, just make up a whole new land and rules and customs. I need groundwork.

Groundwork. That is what HF needs. It need some sort background to grow on. Whether this background is historical facts, places, or people, an HF story needs something to be built on.

So how do you start a HF story? Well, for one thing, you don't have to write a short story when you're writing HF. *duh* :D But, in my case, and what I will be talking about, is writing HFSS. So, over the course of this conference, I will be publishing posts on this subject. So, I guess you could say this was just an introduction post combined with part one, but now (maybe) I have you interested in writing HFSS. :D

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