Saturday, 1 February 2014

Well, I'm Done, and the Result Is....

Hmmm, why do I tend to write post title like part of the blogpost? Ah well. :D

Anyway, today is the first of February, and that means that my Self-Challenge, Taking Pen In Hand, is over. Thank you for pointing that out, my dear. Ahem. That was Carlos, by the way. I think his story iso n the sidebar... let me check...... nope. I'll have to put it on when I'm done this post. So, by the time ya'll are reading this, it will probably be up. :) It's called "Attack on the Alamo," by the way.

ANYWAY. My project for this week (which, looking back, I never told you what it was) was to finish Friend or Foe? And my verdict is below. Sink Me! The lady's a poet! Thank you, Carlos. :D

Fourth Week:

  • Project: Friend or Foe?
  • Verdict: Uncompleted.

So, am I disappointed? Yes, a bit. But really, I'm pleased with what I've gotten done. Between what I got done in December and this month, I've finished four short stories! And that is very nice. Now I don't have quite as many stories hanging about my head.

Yeah, but now you can have to edit my story. You info dumped at the beginning, and it needs to be longer.

Slave driver. Nope, though, Maybe I will a little bit. But I'm going to focus on finishing Friend or Foe? first, and then start editing The Lost World. So maybe a little later.


Hey Carlos, do you want to come act out "Final Battle" with us from Les Mis?

I... no. I need to go outside. Bye. *leaves quickly*

Arthur! How can you be so inconsiderate?

What did I do?

Think about it. "Final Battle?" Think about what Carlos went through during that attack.

Oops. Sorry. I'll go try and cheer him up.

Thank you. Well, that's all for now! Happy February, folks!

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