Friday, 28 February 2014

Snippets of a Story-- February.

The door opened a crack. “Yes?” His eyes seemed confused, almost frightened. “What do you want? Who are you?”
Mally gulped. “Mr. Tyler, it’s me, Mally. I wanted to ask you--”
The door closed at the sound of her name. “Go away,” Mr. Tyler said, his voice muffled as it came through the solid wooden door.
She knocked again. “Mr. Tyler! Please open the door. I wanted to ask you why you have empty frames lying around. You made me think they were people you loved and cared about. They’re just sample photos. Why did you deceive me?” She was starting to cry, making her words hard to understand. “Please open the door. I want to talk to you. Mr. Tyler?”
There was no response. The door remained steadfastly shut. Slowly, Mally turned and walked home, her heart somewhere near her toes. ~A Single Friend.

Mama took Annie’s chin and tilted it up. “Don’t let the beauty go out of your life, Annie. Don’t let love be replaced by hate.” Pearl Harbor Story.

It was raining next Monday, the day he left. Annie’s hair clung to her neck and cheeks and there was water down her back but she stood still, ignoring the discomfort. Her eyes blurred as rain trickled into them, but she could still clearly see the strange man hugging mama goodbye. Jacob. He looked so different in his uniform. So grown-up and mature... and so like papa. Annie felt like he was someone she knew well, and at the same time someone she had never seen before in her life. ~Pearl Harbor Story.

Miranda caught her breath, then waved frantically, hoping to catch his attention. “Pa! Pa, goodbye!” She wanted to say that she loved him and would miss him, but the untrue words would not come. Instead, she watched as he grew smaller and smaller as the train chugged away. And he had not seen her. ~West By Train.

Victoria’s breath slipped away from her and she felt stifled. Philip Raymond leaned towards her. Almost, she ran away. But she stayed put, wanting to accept the one thing she could not imagine accepting. ~Victoria.

When Chloe’s mama heard the news, she was probably the most surprised. No, actually, the most surprised was the mailman who had to deliver the package that was three times bigger than the recipient. But Chloe’s mama was a close second on the surprise range. ~Tubas and Broken Hearts.

“Our nation is making a big mistake, father!” It was William’s voice speaking, and he sounded upset.
“What mistake? Slavery has been around for generations! People in the Bible kept slaves, our founding fathers kept slaves! I’m not saying I condole the inhuman practices that many slaveholders use, but slavery is a necessary evil.”
Necessary evil? Hogwash! It’s an evil, and that’s the end of it, Father. Not fifteen minutes ago I stopped your overseer, Harton, from nearly killing Mamie, that orphaned slave girl. Father, she had only stopped a moment from her work and he attacked her with his whip!”
“I’ll have to speak to Harton about that,” Master Phillips said, and Mamie heard him rise from his chair and begin to pace.
“You’ll ‘speak to Harton about that?’ Father, that’s not enough!”
“Then what is?” Mamie watched from the hallway as Master Phillips turned on his son. “What do you propose to do?”
“End slavery, that’s what!” William was shouting now, waving his arms about and coming dangerously close to knocking down the many pictures hanging on the walls. “Make an end to this inhuman practice and free the slaves!” ~Battle of the Bull.

“Then a civil war must start, for America cannot go on like this for much longer! Something will have to break, and mark my words, it won’t be the abolitionists! Not if I have anything to do with it! Even if it means I have to go and fight, I will do what it takes to free those slaves!”
“You would kill, William?”
“I would!” ~Battle of the Bull.

“Morning, sleepyhead,” Chloe smiled, picking up her glass to take a sip of her juice.
“Mmph,” grunted Sam, and gave a generous helping of brown sugar to his bowl. Tubas and Broken Hearts.

The train pulled out, steaming and puffing noisily, and Jacob was getting smaller and smaller, his hat bobbing as he waved it over his head. Then the train was gone, out of sight around a bend in the track, and Annie hadn’t said goodbye. ~Pearl Harbor Story.

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Isabella said...

These sound so good and exciting! I love the characters for you're new story! I've seen a couple things where the girl you used (Abigail Breslin) was acting in it, I really like her as a child actor. Can't wait to read more of you're books!


Molly said...

Belle: Aww, thanks, m'dear!