Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Link-Up for the Conference!

I think ya'll know what is going on this week, so here is the link to Anne-girl's blog ( click here) and now, let me answer zee questions! :D

1. Do you think it's more important to listen to your characters or to follow the idea of the book as originally conceived?

Listen to your characters. I started The Lost World thinking the plot was going to be very different than what it is now. Some of the aspects have stayed the same, but many have changed! :D

2. If you could pick a fictional man to become alive and marry you who would you pick? {note: this is not asking whom you consider the greatest hero but whom you would be the most comfortable spending the rest of your life with}

Yeesh. Ummmmmm...... Sir Percy. But maybe Roger Hamley.  But if I had to pick between the two, I'd pick *edit* Roger Hamley.

3.  What is your favorite protagonist and antagonist pair?

Ooh, that's a hard one. I don't know, sorry. :P

4. If you had to do without one of the following in your story which would it be?
 A. The Dark Moment when the hero is at rock bottom and can't do anything
 B. The Moment of Decision when the hero makes an actual goal and starts following it{leading thereby to the story itself}
C. The Resolution the reconciliation of the hero with his or her inner struggles and outer struggles.

Probably A. But I might be wrong, and that could change. :P

5. In modern fiction which genre do you think shows the most tendency toward good character development?

I'm not sure. I don't know that I've read that much modern fiction. Hmm, I'd better start getting more educated, so that my answers won't be so boring and I'll actually be able to answer more questions. :P

6. Have you ever "fallen for" the villain? {Note I do not mean thought he was a good guy but rather WISHED  he was the good guy and rooted for him}

How about Nicolas Ambrose? So, in answer to the question, yes. Oh, YES.

7. Do you prefer writing about your protagonist or side characters? 

It really depends. I have found that in many of my stories I prefer one of the side characters of a semi-main character rather than the protagonist.

8. What do you think is the most cliched and overdone character in fiction?

Umm, sorry, but I really don't know, I can think of a cliche event in fiction, but as for characters... wow, I'm really bad at this. :P

9. Which do you think is more important, making your reader feel or making him think?

Ooh, tough. I really can't say. I love making my readers feel for the characters and understand them, but I also would want to make them think. So I really can't say.

10.  And lastly what do you think are three most important elements to being a hero?

Bravery, the knowledge to what is right, and compassion. Argh, can't I list a few more? No? Ah well. This was fun! :D


Anne-girl said...

Thanks for doing this Molly and great post on HF. I remember one time you wanted to use fake food in the Mystery pretend game and it almost came to blows. Good times.

Molly said...

Anne-girl: Thanks! Heehee, those were the days.... :P