Saturday, 22 February 2014

Examples of My Work.

Today is that last day of the Writer's Conference, and so, to finish up my posts on HF writing, I thought I'd share some of my work with ya'll. :D

“Our nation has the chance to do great things, and help many people. And we have done just that over the years. But we are missing an opportunity that has been under our noses for generations. Black people every day are getting abused and humiliated. It is as if they were still slaves. In the 1800’s blacks were enslaved to single masters. Today they are enslaved to the nation, for America will not treat them as equals." ~Let Freedom Ring

The back of her neck was cold. Victoria reached back and let her hand rest against her neck, but her fingertips were like ice and she quickly gave up trying to warm her neck and let her arm drop. The white of her wedding dress almost hurt to look at, with the sun shining on it as the bright rays came through the window. Outside, the trees were in full, vibrant color, but Victoria’s heart was grey with sadness. Today was October 15, and her wedding day. ~Victoria

Shifting her position, Natalie peered out from under the wagon, where she and Ida were lying to sleep. By the fire, pa lay snoring softly, his rifle within easy reach. But Zach was sitting up, staring off into the darkness of the night. Natalie wished she could go to him, but she would wake pa and Ida. Besides, Zach probably wanted to be alone. ~At Home on the Frontier

“Daddy and Uncle Frank were killed,” Annie whispered, picking at her shoelace.
“I know. But that was because their ship sank in a storm. It had nothing to do with wars or anything.”
“Then why were you drafted?
“This is just a precaution, because of the war in Europe. Lots of young men are getting drafted just in case we get pulled into the war. Besides, I’ll be in Pearl Harbor, at the naval base there. I might never come into contact with that war at all, especially not if we don't get involved.”
Annie wiped the tears away that insisted on creeping up to her eyes. “Oh. I see.” She pulled herself out of the hollow and started walking towards the creek.
She started at the water, trying to calm herself, but the tears kept coming until they conquered and streamed down her face, tickling her nose and dribbling into her mouth.
Jacob put a hand on her shoulder. “Annie? I’m sorry.” ~Pearl Harbor Story

Carlos shuddered. Hie nose stung with gun smoke and he wished that the army would leave the Americans alone. He wanted to go back to his house and feed the pig and work on their small garden in the heat of the sun. Had it only been two weeks since he had been complaining about that chore? How he wished he could do it now, and be rid of war and fighting and long, scary-looking guns with their sharp bayonets sticking out next to the muzzle. Attack on the Alamo

Three people left, two, one. Then it was over. “Farewell, my friend,” Jeanne whispered, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I know we shall meet again.”
And the sun was still shining through the clouds. ~Betrayed?

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