Monday, 20 January 2014

First Two Weeks-- My Self Challenge.

So, the first two weeks of my self-challenge that I postponed until this month are up! And the verdict is.........

First Week.
  • Project: Francoise Story. (now titled Betrayed? But that could change. Does anyone have any suggestions? I might make a post about the story and I ask for title help. :D)
  • Verdict: Finished. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Total word count AON (as of now.): 4,738
  • First word AON: The.
  • Last word AON: clouds.
  • Snippet:

The windowpane felt cool and smooth against her hot cheek. Francoise closed her eyes, trying to fight back the lumps in her throat. She felt as if her tiny, perfect world, free of cares and horrors, was crumbling bit by bit before her saddened eyes. Try as she may, she couldn’t stop the pieces from falling, turning to dust as they spiraled down in front of her. What would happen next? Would they too be turned in as traitors to the Republic and be killed on the guillotine? Francoise rubbed her arms, trying to make herself stop shivering and looked around her pretty bedroom, forcing herself to be calm.

Her thoughts drifted to Jeanne, whom she had seen creeping out of the house right after pappa had been shouting. Suddenly, she sat bolt upright, her heart crashing wildly around inside her chest. What if Jeanne reported them as traitors? 

Second Week.
  • Project: Home on the Frontier. Yes, I know I was going to do Friend or Foe? but I thought of another story before I got to the week in which I would have done Friend or Foe?
  • Verdict: Incomplete. (Meaning I didn't make it. *Aggravated sniff.*)
So, here I am! This week, my goal is to finish Home on the Frontier, and also finish Mail Time. Here I go! :D


Jack said...

Oh, I liked that snippet!! I'd have kept reading the book if that was the opening!

Molly said...

Jack: Thank you! Well, actually, that comes a little later into the story. Would you, or anyone else be interested if I put the story up to be read? Just an idea. :)