Friday, 1 November 2013

Snippets For October.

I think ya'll know what this means, so here is the link to Katie's blog, and here I go! Like usual, not all of these are from October. But most of them are.

It was the same every day. Every day at 3:45, as Mally walked home from school, she saw him sitting there, all alone, on the bench along the side of the street. Sometimes he fed the birds, but most pf the time was just sitting there, watching the cars, trucks and people go by. He never had a newspaper, or a book. He just sat.

And Mally, naturally curious as a girl of eleven, couldn’t help but wonder. Wonder who he was, and where he lived. Wonder why he always sat there on that bench at the exact same time every day. Wonder who he seemed to be looking for, as his eyes wandered from face to face. He never seemed to notice her as she hurried by, for she was usually in too much of a rush to slow down. ~ A Single Friend; My World.

He grasps my hands. “I know you’ll do fine, son. Your mother and I will be here, waiting for you when you get back.”
I nod, and accept the hug that Laura has been waiting to give me. My little sister looks up at me proudly. “Go find something that will rock the world, Robbie,” she whispers, her eyes bright with tears.
I smile and tug gently on her hair, like I used to do when we were kids. “Hey, I’m twenty-four, too big to be called Robbie.”
She shakes her head, still smiling. “You’ll always be Robbie to me. I love you. Be safe.”

“I will.” I kiss her forehead and step away. “I have to go now.” I climb into my truck and slam the door. Looking back, I see them standing there on the porch, looking very small and alone. I raise my hand in farewell and rattle off down the road as quickly as I can, not wanting them to see my tears. ~Not Telling What This is From-- It also Doesn't have a Name.

She turned to Jacques. “Can I trust you? Because I have a secret I want to tell you.”
Jacques froze, his heartbeat suddenly roaring loudly in his ears. His tongue was on the verge of saying yes, but he caught himself. Trust him? Could she trust him? After all the lying he had done, the trickery? What would she think if she knew that he didn’t work for a newspaper, but was a private agent for the police? Would she still want to trust him?
He bit his lip. “I-- I would hope you can trust me,” he said softly. ~ A Matter of Trust.

Rita felt heat creeping up towards her face. “My life was nothing like that!” she spat! “And people had no right to talk about me like that! They’re all a bunch of liars! I am a lot nicer than that, and everyone knows it!”
“Oh, get off your high horse, Rita Sanski! Stop talking about yourself all the time and start thinking about others! Are you calling your brother a liar?”
Rita, about to make an angry interruption, froze in an instant and stared at Arthur. “My-- my brother?” She let her hand, raised to shake a fist, drop to her side with a thump. “What do you know about my brother?” The Lost World.

“I want to talk to you.”
“Well I don’t.” She closed her eyes again.
“Annie.” His voice was clipped, and sharp at the edges as he gently reached up and held her shoulders. “Annie, open your eyes and look at me.”
It was a command this time and Annie, after a brief struggle within herself, opened her eyes obediently. “Yes, Jacob?”
“Listen to me closely, Annieo. No, I want you to really listen, not pretend to.” Jacob crossed his arms and regarded her closely. “There, that’s better. Now, I know this is hard for you--”
“What’s hard for me?” Annie asked, feigning confusion.
Jacob’s eyes hardened and he gripped her shoulders harder. “None of that, Annie. There isn't time. I know that you know perfectly well what I’m talking about.”
Annie’s shoulders slumped a little and she gave a tiny, almost imperceptible sigh. “Yes,” she admitted, “I do know what you’re talking about.” ~ Pearl Harbor Story.

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