Monday, 18 November 2013

November Snippets.

Okay, I think ya'll know the drill by now, so here is the link to Katie's blog (click here) and here I go!

“No! I won’t budge and you can’t make me!” snapped one woman, flapping her hands at Emily.
“But ma’am, you don’t understand. This is a matter of life and death!”
“Nonsense! I’m not budging!” And there was nothing Emily could do. Heart sinking, she stepped away.
“Nellie, dear,” a young man beside the refusing lady murmured to his own wife, “you heard the stewardess. You should get on a lifeboat immediately. This isn’t a joke, or a precaution any longer.”
“Yes!” Emily agreed, stepping forward, relieved that at least someone understood the situation. “Please ma’am, come this way with me.”

The young lady shook her head, a sweet peace on her young face. “No, Charles. I didn’t marry you last month to desert you today. Where you go, I will go,” she said simply, paraphrasing from the book of Ruth, “and where you die, I will die as well.” ~ A Night of Terror.

“I know plenty about your brother! How he was always behind you when getting praise! How he almost always let you go first when you both wanted to tell something! How time and time again he was pushed aside by you so you could be the best! How over the years he let you be the best, know the most, run the fastest, do whatever it was! He was willing to let you be better without complaining about it! That is more than you can say about yourself Rita Sanski! Your brother was admirable for his patience and kindness and love towards you ad others  than you are for your knowledge!” ~ The Lost World.

They shouldn't be whispering, Rita thought annoyedly to herself. She glanced at the clock and saw that it was been fifteen minutes exactly. She glanced at Arthur who was just then looking at the clock. She knew what they had to do. He caught her eyes, and gave a slight, almost imperceptible nod.
Rita got to her feet. “Listen everybody,” she said, softly, but not so softly that nobody could hear her. “Our time’s up. We should all stop now.”
Most of the kids put down their pencils in agreement but Jake looked at defiantly. “Who made you in charge, Rita?”
“Yeah!” chimed in his friend Samuel, “Who made you the boss?”
“Quit it, you two!” Arthur snapped, getting to his feet as well. “Rita’s right. Mr. Pitcher gave us fifteen minutes and that time is up. So put down your pencils. We aren’t babies and we know how to go without cheating. ~ The Lost World.

I hear the door open and shut softly and look up from over the edge of my now cold cup of coffee. My heart sinks and the cup falters at my lips at what I see. I know as soon as he comes in the door what this young man has come in for. The dejected face, the slumped shoulders, the slow, plodding walk all point to one thing. Rejection. ~ Classifieds-- A Snippet Story.

After a long time, a man came into the room through a tiny door on the one side. He was nearly double its size and had to nearly bend all the way down before he could fit through. Amica watched him with interest as he unfolded himself and stood up. His head almost slammed into the ceiling and he ducked cautiously.
Reaching down, he untied the the ropes that held her tight and yanked up the nail. “You’re to come before the Emperor,” he finally said, or rather growled.
“Which way do I go?” Amica asked, trying to keep her voice steady.
He stared at her as if she had horns like a bullock. “You don’t go anywhere. I take. At least for now; you won’t always have me as a nursemaid.” He jerked her to her feet and stomped out the door, one meaty hand holding tightly to Amica’s wrist. ~Flames Through Rome.


Anonymous said...

“No, Charles. I didn’t marry you last month to desert you today. Where you go, I will go,” she said simply, paraphrasing from the book of Ruth, “and where you die, I will die as well.”

This is beautiful. Well done!

Molly said...

Katelyn: Thank you so much! It makes me sad to think of all the couples who either were separated or went down with the ship together.