Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hey Cool, I Want To Do That!

Okay, over at Anne-girl's Blog, she did this description of one of her stories using a format that a lot of people (I think) were using when Les Mis was first coming out. Well, I thought it was a marvelous idea, and decided to do it too. My dear sister Miss Dashwood has also done it. Read her post to learn more so you can understand what I am doing. Don't worry, I'll wait. :P

Done? Good. :D Then we shall proceed. Here we go! I will be doing two of my stories here, just so ya know. Introducing first of all........ A Matter of Trust!!

Laura Petrie

goes to France

 and runs away because she is tired of being hemmed in by rules and wants to get away from her companion Marianne Dashwood

who is very annoying and way too perfect. She meets Sherlock

who is a private agent and is hired by her parents, Spode

and Mrs. Hale

 to find her and bring her back.

Meanwhile, an escaped kidnapper named Rupert Steggles 

is in Paris again and Sophie is suddenly in more danger than ever.

The Lost World.

Amelia Earhart

and her brother Marius

are facing some great changes. Amelia is used to always being the best and knowing everything about everything, but that is going to change. They have a move away from the seaside, which ruins Amelia's opportunity to be near the ocean, which she loves more than anything. She also struggles with being kinder and paying more attention to Marius, who she has been pushing aside her whole life. When she finds out that Marius has heart cancer, she tries to make for the lost years. And when she starts high school, she meets the 10th Doctor,

 who becomes rival in knowledge and being the best. Can she deal with all the the change and not lose the world that she knows and loves?

A Matter of Trust

Laura Petrie-- Sophie Kent
Marianne Dashwood-- Margaret
Sherlock-- Jacques Calvet
Spode-- Mr. Kent
Mrs. Hale-- Mrs. Kent
Rupert Steggles-- Louis Banett AKA Armand Freedom

The Lost World.
Amelia Earhart-- Marguerite Cassandra Sanski, or Rita.
Marius Pontmercy-- Richard Whittaker Sanski, or Richard.
Doctor Who #10-- Arthur Perkins.

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