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Coffee, Agents, and a Great Deal of Walking.

Okay, so I don't know how many of you know this already, but I am writing a novel during the month of September. I am not alone. My sister Anne-girl and my sister Laura are also writing novels. Anne-girl and I are writing 50,000 word novels, and Laura is writing a 15,000 word novel. And rase we excited?

You bet. But also tired, and sometimes frustrated. Writing a novel in such a short amount of time is hard work. We are doing it in September, because in November when Nanowrimo comas around ,we are all too busy. :(

Well, anyway, I would like to introduce you to some of my characters, and give you some snippets to give ya'll a taste of my story. Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome Sophie Kathleen Kent, and Jacques (I don't think he has a middle name-- oh wait, he says his middle name is Gavroche-- wait a minute-- you're copying, Jacques! Oh, alright, but I still think that is copying, Oh, it isn't copying to have the same middle name as a the first name of a guy in a movie/book/concert/play? Whatever. :P Sorry about that. :)  Let me start over.

Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen! Please allow me to introduce you to Sophie Kathleen Kent and Jacques Gavroche Calvet! And the rest of them too, but these two are the most important.

This is Sophie. She is eighteen years old, works for a magazine company that publishes her stories and lives in New York City with her mom and dad.

Fun fact about Sophie: She loathes Spinach. 

Dinner was the usual stately affair of either fish or pork, with tons of vegetables and of course bread. Today it was white carp and spinach for the main course. Sophie loathed spinach. Raw was not too bad, but the cooked stuff slithered all over your fork, and squelched inside your mouth, and gave off a rather unpleasant odor.
Pushing away the offending greens from her fish, Sophie moved them tactfully around her plate a few times, lifted them halfway to her mouth, and then dumped them again, like people are always doing in movies, and finally succeeded in pushing the heap of green mush under her mashed potatoes. She knew she would not be able to get away with not eating the spinach, but at least this way they would be mixed with something to mask the flavor.
This done, she glanced over at Margaret, who was eating her spinach with as much gusto as could be expected from a ladylike person such as herself. Sophie shook her head.

This is Jacques. He is twenty-eight years old, works for a police and private agent station, and lives in Paris France. And NO, he is NOTHING like Sherlock Holmes, because I know that question would be aroused if I did not say something, and may very well still asked. You will have to read the story and learn how he isn't like Sherlock.

Fun Fact about Jacques: He can do ventriloquism.

Suddenly, Sophie stiffened. She had the feeling that she had heard a familiar voice. She turned slowly around, all alert. Yes, there it was! She was sure she had heard Margaret!
Without thinking, Sophie slipped out of line, ran down the path and ducked behind a bush. Her heart was beating fast, and she took a long, quiet breath to try and quiet it. Then she peeked out.
There was no one familiar in sight. Only the people waiting in line, and a young man coming up the path a few yards away. She gave a sigh of relief. She was safe. For now.
It had been easy to spot her, of course. Not just by the way she had suddenly darted out of line and behind a shrub when he had done his ventriloquism of Miss Margaret’s voice, but from how she stood; independent-looking, excited, nervous, and cautious all mixed with the glaring fact that she was very American.

This is Louis Benett, AKA Armand Freedom. His age is non important. Well, if you MUST know, he is thirty-two, He just told me. I don't like talking to him. (He just made me strike that through. He isn;t nice, and you will find out why in a minute.) He is a professional kidnapper, and lives wherever he chooses, mostly in France. Though he ha just come from London, England, when he comes into the story. A jail or gaol in London, England, to be precise. 

Fact about Louis AKA Armand (It isn't a fun fact): He kidnaps people. Need we say more?

She began to edge away, but he caught her by the arm. She struggled, but his grip was a like a steel vise. “Not so fast, my dear,” he whispered, and her spine tingled with dread. “You aren’t going anywhere.”
She pulled her head, away; he had extremely bad breath for such perfect teeth. “What do you mean? Let me go!”
“My poor little fool,” he said patronizingly, “My poor, poor little imbecile. You do not understand who I am, do you you?”
She shook her head, a growing terror coming over her. “Who-- who are you?” she faltered.
He smiled, slowly twisting her arm. “My dear little fool-- for that is what I shall call you-- my name is not Armand Freedom. That is my, hmm, shall we say, my other name. My alibi, as you Americans say it. But, you want to know who I really am?” She nodded, and his eyes lit up with cold malice. “I am none other then Louis Benett, the great, the powerful, the awe-inspiring kidnapper!” He flung up his hand in triumph, and then stared closely at Sophie. “Are you not awestruck?”

This is Margaret. She is nineteen years old and works for the Kents by being Sophie's companion.

Fun Fact about Margaret: She emphasizes at least one word in every sentence.

“Halloa, Margaret!”
Margaret winced a little and turned to Sophie. “Hello, Sophie,” she said demurely, keeping her voice down, “and please do not shout. This is a bookstore, people are trying to read.”
Sophie sighed. “Must you always emphasize your words?” she whispered loudly.
Margaret ignored her.

And those are the characters that I have faces for. There are others, some of whom I will list here. Some are important, some are not as much.

Mr. Kent: Sophie's father.
Mrs. Kent: Sophie's mother.
Monsieur Asteir: Jacques' boss.
Gaston: Jacques' fellow agent.
Gastave: " "
Henri: " "

Here are some things that come up in the story. Just little ideas, or things, or places, things that usually appear more then once and are important, more or less, to the story.

Story ideas.
Time that seems to slow down. (It sounds weird, I know. But you have to read it.)
A knife.
Loyalty and friendship.
And the most important one: the Bible.

And that brings me to the synopsis. Which I haven't written yet, but am going to right now. Here we go.

Sophie Kent never imagined how complicated it would be to run away. Her family was on vacation in Paris, and here she was hemmed in by rules and regulations. Changing her name and running away seemed to be the perfect option to have a good, adventurous time strolling through Paris and collecting story ideas for the magazine company she works for. But is it really?
Her family hires a Christian agent named Jacques to find her, and he wins her trust quickly. But will she discover his true identity? And what can she say when Jacques questions the way she acts as a non-believer? And when a dangerous kidnapper comes onto the scene, making things even more complicated then they really are, Sophie must decide what true friendship and loyalty means, and finds herself faced with the hard decision of who to trust. Will she make the right choice?

This was just what came to me at the moment, you guys will have to bare with the unpolished synopsis for the moment. :P

And now, for some snippets!

Jacque looked at the ground for a minute, then back at her. “Kathleen, what you must do is found in the Bible! Romans 10:9 to be specific.” He pulled a pocket Bible out of his pocket. “Look, right here.” Flipping pages, he came to the place he was looking for and held it out to her. “See? It says, ‘ “If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” ’ ”

Sophie turned away. “If just plain going to church can’t save you, then what it says in that verse seems too easy to believe. Why not one way instead of another?”

They continued down the slope, Jacque straining his eyes for any sign of level ground. Suddenly, a horn blared from behind them. They both turned to stare at the huge truck bumping farther back up the road behind them. Marie shivered. “He is going awfully fast, isn’t he Jacque?”
Jacque frowned. “Too fast. He’ll start to skid if he doesn't watch out.” He looked back at the road. “Look, I think this part is leveling out a bit, keep your eyes open.”
They had come to a flat stretch of ground, for they were now off the mountain itself and were just on the hills around it. Jacque sped up a bit, for it was smoother now, and the rain was letting up a bit.

The truck behind them was still going fast, and looked like it was trying to edge around them. Jacque gripped the wheel, and Marie closed her eyes and started praying as the car headed around a turn.

Jacque tapped her shoulder. “We have stopped, Kathleen. Open your eyes and take a look.”
She opened them. Before her stretched almost all of Paris. She could finally know what they saying, ‘you could see for miles’ meant. She was so happy, so overcome by the beauty, that all she could do was stand there with her mouth open, looking at the scenery. Out in front of her stretched the green of the Parc, beyond, the blue waters of the Seine River, beyond that, the towering buildings of the city of Paris. Yet, up as high as she was, the skyscrapers looked like dwarf houses to Sophie.

Jacque looked over at Sophie. “What do you want?”
She paused, studying the French menu. “I’d like the escargots, please.” At least she knew some French!
After ordering, Jacque turned to her, a smile on his face that might have been labeled as a smirk if Sophie hadn’t known how nice he was. “Excuse me, but do you realize what you ordered?”
She sniffed. “Of course! Snails in butter!” Then she added, “I am not someone in a book or movie that orders escargots and is horrified to find out what they got! That always makes me squirm.”
He laughed. “Me too. But I just wanted to check.” She grinned back.

“No good, Miss Kent.”
She looked in him in dismay. “No good!?” In her consternation, she squeaked, then cleared her throat hastily.
“No good,” he repeated.
“But--but why?”
“Miss Kent,” Mr. Peabody began, looking at her fixedly from over the top of his wire rimmed spectacles, “Miss Kent, do you realize what this story you have just given me is about?”
She nodded in confusion. “It is about the Titanic, sir.”
He nodded. “Precisely.”
“I don’t understand, sir.”
“Well, Miss Kent, this happens to be the third time this month that you have submitted to us a story on the Titanic. The third time, Miss Kent. And, to be frank with you, the public will stop buying this magazine if we continue to publish the same kind of stories.”

I need to make my own decisions from now on! I can take care of myself! From now on, I just want freedom!”
She rounded a corner and almost ran smack into a man reclining against the wall. “You called?” he asked, smoothing an oily mustache.
Sophie stopped short. “I did not call anyone,” she said, confused.
“Oh, but you did, my pussy,” smiled the man, unnervingly. “Armand Freedom, at your service!”

Closing his eyes, he stopped at a corner and began to pray. Oh Lord. Please keep Sophie safe. She doesn’t know you, and I-- I’m worried about her. Please, if it is Your Will, bring her to You. Oh God, what can she do without you? She needs you right now. Now that Armand is out there somewhere in this vast city, she is even more danger, Lord, please guide her footsteps. Please keep her safe. I-- don’t want to lose her. She is like a sister to me. I need her. We all need her. And she needs us. Please don't take her away.
“And Lord, please keep me safe. Help me to find her, and get her to safety before it is too late. Please help me. I can't do this without You. No matter how hard I want to do something, I can’t do it without You. Please, Lord, help me. Please.

Well, that is all for now! Please excuse the use of phrases such as " do not" instead of "Don't" and "will not" instead of "Won't" if there are any in these snippets. It is to up my word count. :P
Hope ya'll enjoyed it!


Isabella said...

Love it Molly, as always! I love your new stories, they are always to much fun to read, and I am quite excited! :) More, more! :D


Molly said...

Belle: Awww, thanks! I was wondering if anyone would like to read it when I am done, would you be interested? And that goes to anyone if they want to. Not that you will, I don't want to sound vain or pushy. :p

Emma Jane said...

Hello Molly!
These snippets are wonderful! You are such a talented writer. I've just recently found your blog through your sister Amy's blog, and so far I've really enjoyed reading your writings!
Best of luck with your novel! I think it would be extremely overwhelming to finish a book in a month (but that's coming from someone who has never actually finished a book : P), but I have a great deal of respect for those who can do it. How exciting!


Molly said...

Emma: Thanks so much! And welcome to my blog; I hope you enjoy reading it! :)
Yes, I am super excited, especially as the end of the book is right around the corner. :)

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Molly said...

Alex: Thanks!

Selena said...

This is so cool Molly! It's so impressive that you are finishing a whole book in a month! Hope to read the whole thing sometime!

Molly said...

Selena: Aww, thanks! It has been hard, but really fun!

Melody said...

That's Mary Tyler Moore at the top, isn't it?

Molly said...

Melody: Yes, it is! I think her face fits Sophie perfectly! :D