Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Book Trailer!

Okay, awhile ago I finished "A Test of Loyalty: A Story of the Belle of Concord," and I made a book trailer for it. Here you are.


Oh, and by the way, I was wondering, does having a subtitle after all of my short stories look or sound odd? Example: "A Test of Loyalty: A Story of the Battle of Concord." "A Golden Future: A Story of Ellis Island." "Frozen in Time: A Story of the Hiroshima Bombing." What do ya'll think? I'd love your opinions!


Alexander said...

Awesome!!! So when is this movie going to be in theaters and I think once again we should plan a group trip to the theater!

Isabella said...

Love it Molly! I love whenever people make book trailers! Love it! I cannot wait to read it!


Anne-girl said...

Frankly I think a title is stronger without a subtitle but I don't really know whet the usual for short stories is.

Great trailer though!

Molly said...

Belle: Thanks!

Alex: Thanks! And you're on! :) When should we go?

Anne-girl: Thanks! Yes, the titles are a little long, and may look a little weird, but I'll have to see. What I was afraid of is people, reading the story and thinking the title has nothing to do with the story itself. Any tips?

Selena said...

I love your trailer! It's great! Yeah, I also think most of the titles would sound stronger without a subtitle...but, maybe some of them could still use a subtitle.

Isabella said...

Oh yes, another trip to the theater! Ok i have a brilliant idea, we could make tee shirts that say "Molly's Movie Group Outing!" Hehee, so much fun!


Molly said...

Selena: Yes, I am starting to be inclined to agree with you and Anne-girl, but I'll have to give it some more thought. :)

Belle: Hee, hee! Yes! And you give me an idea....

Molly said...

Here is my idea!