Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Some Useful Tips For Writing.

Okay, so back when I was writing "The Goal at Hand" (page for that is on the side bar) my 
sister Anne copied writing tips for me from a writing blog called Go Teen Writers, and I would 
like to share them because they helped me quite a lot.

  • Get in the practice of writing down ideas that come to you. Find a place to gather them. The binder works for me because when I'm stuck, I like leafing through it for inspiration. But something else may work better for you.
  • Once I've picked an idea, the next thing I do is write what I call the blurby thing. The blurby thing is similar to back cover copy, only it's ... more experimental, I guess. Messier. It's me testing out my main character, her back story, and the journey she's about to embark on. It's usually 2 or 3 paragraphs and starts with something like this:
  • Then I try to list out some of hurdles my main character is going to experience. Try to find at least three:
  • And finally I write a sentence or two that sums up what it is my character learned, what she went on this journey for in the first place:
  • When you're done with that, here's a list of questions suggested in James Scott Bell's Revision and Self-Editing that might help:

  • What could make the situation worse for my Lead?
  • How can I take that beyond worse and make it worse than that?
  • What part of my concept is familiar? Has it been done before? How can I freshen it?
  • What if I tried a completely different setting?
  • What trait could my Lead possess that hurts her?
  • How can I make the characters in conflict hate each other?
  • How can I make the characters who love each other have to be on opposite sides?
  • Are there relationships I can create that up the ante for each character?

  • Good first paragraph
    • It's from the view of your main character
    • It raises questions in the reader's mind
    • It establishes an attitude
    • It makes them want to read the next paragraph
  • Good First Chapter
    • Make it active
    • Let your reader arrive fashionably late


Isabella said...

Awesome Molly! Just what I needed. I am finally starting to write my book, after getting the plot and stuff sort of situated. I was wandering about stuff like this, and this totally helps! Thanks for posting it!


Alexander said...

I will have to write these down...maybe I will try writing again someday.

Molly said...

Belle: You're welcome! I'm glad it helped!

Alex: If you do start writing again, I will look forward to reading snippets if you post them on your blog!!!