Monday, 19 August 2013


Okay, here is some dialogue from The Lost World, that I thought everyone would enjoy. By the way, Mark, Arthur's friend in this, is based a little on one of my friends. And Arthur is based even less, just the tiniest little bit, on another one of my friends. I will not reveal who without permission from the people, but I just wanted to say a fun fact. :P Here we go!

When the class was over, Rita hurried over to join Jessie, but Arthur and his friend Mark were in the way, leaning on the desks and talking to each other about Legos.
Rita cleared her throat. “Excuse me, I need to get by you.”
Arthur turned to her, pulling at his eyebrow. “Hmm? Oh, okay.” He shifted slightly, so there was just enough room for Rita to slip by. Seeing this, he nudged Mark with his elbow.
“Yeeow! What was that for?!” Mark yelped, feeling his side for a dent.
“That wasn’t hard! Move over, she needs to get through.”
“Oops, sorry about that.” Mark moved aside, and Rita squeezed past them, trying not to touch their jeans.
As she moved off toward Jessie, Rita heard the two boys conversing in what could almost turn into an argument.
“Why’d you have to jab me so hard?”
“That was not a jab, it was more like a tap!”
“Nuh-uh, it was like this!”
“Ouch, that was a lot harder than what I did!”
Rita rolled her eyes at Jessie. “Boys!”
Jessie giggled.
But they found it hard to talk, or even look at Jessie’s notes, which she wanted Rita to take a look at, for the boys kept talking louder and louder. They were passed the disagreement on jabbing, and were now discussing whether Legos were better when the instructions were used, or when they were built helter-skelter. Arthur seemed to be in favor of helter-skelter, while Mark in favor of instructions.
“Okay, so you see, Jessie, in this part of the ocean--”
“But Mark! Without the directions, you can build all kinds of cool stuff! Why, once I even built a guillotine!”
“A guillotine? Really?” Fed up, Rita spun around and stared at Arthur.
The boys both stared at her back. Then Arthur said, “Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you were part of this conversation!” He tugged at his eyebrow again, this time harder.
“No, I wasn't but it was getting hard to even think with you guys talking so loud!”
“Oh, okay. Mark, we should quiet down, it’s getting harder than usual for Rita to think.”
“Does it hurt?” Mark enquired sympathetically.
“I--I, stop doing that!” Rita yelped, as Arthur pulled several pieces of hair from his eyebrow.
Arthur glanced at his hand. “Oh, you mean this?” He tugged again.
“Yes! No! I mean, yes, I mean..oh, never mind! You are impossible!”
“It’s too hard for her to understand what we’re like,” remarked Arthur solemnly to Mark, who nodded.
“Would you both just stop it!!??” Rita cried, throwing her hands in the air. He right hand hit something cold and thin. There was a masculine cleating of a throat. Rita froze, and then turned. There stood Mr. Pitcher.
Oops, Rita thought, biting her lip. She quickly reached out and straightened the teacher’s glasses, then wished she hadn’t for the scowl deepened on the man’s face.
“Would you mind explaining what is going on?” he asked frigidly.
Arthur and Rita cleared their throats at the same time as Jessie and Mark scuttled out of the room like frightened rabbits. “Um, well, I guess we had sort of a disagreement.” Rita said meekly.
Arthur snorted. “Disagreement? You blew up at me for no reason whatso--” he stopped short as Mr. Pitcher’s glare was turned on him. “Uhh, I mean, yes, I guess so. Maybe.”
“Hmmmmm,” Mr. Pitcher pulled his eyebrows together severely. “Come with me.”

As he stalked out of the room, Rita and Arthur glared at each other, each mouthing to the other, “Your fault.”


Miss Dashwood said...

That was hilarious. Hitting the teacher's glasses and then fixing them was PRICELESS.
And I have a feeling I know which of your friends Arthur was based on. Not so sure about Mark. Unless they're both drawn a teeny bit from the same person. *snort*

Molly said...

Miss Dashwood: Thanks! I think you might be right, at least for part of it. :P