Friday, 16 August 2013


Just some bits of description for ya'll to enjoy. :P

Water; tumbling over rocks and making small waterfalls, water; turning and laughing with joy, water; flowing into little eddies at the edge of the banks, seeping through mud and grass to tickle their toes, water; slowing down and becoming calm at the sandbanks that stretched out into the middle of the creek. Water, water, it was everywhere! Luscious, cold, delicious water!
They leapt into the creek, shouting and laughing, startling a family of ducks. The water shouted and laughed with them, tugging at their ankles, urging them deeper.
And deeper they went. There was so much to explore, so much to do. Would it get any deeper? How far did the creek go? Was that rock stable enough to hold Richard?
No, it wasn’t, and suddenly Richard was splashing into the water, feet flying through the air. For a split second, he disappeared from view, then bobbed to the surface, laughing and choking and sputtering all at once. ~ The Lost World.

She stood and smiled, the wind was to her face, she felt free as a bird. Kolaki reached out her hands to the sun, and laughed aloud. The smell of fires, and wind-swept grass, bison and horse filled her nostrils, and she let the wind play with her loose hair.
Such openness, such calm. The plains had to be the most beautiful place on earth. Not a cloud in the sky at the moment, birds circling lazily, searching for prey, bison roamed the fields far away in the distance, placidly chewing their cud. ~ The Race of the Railroad.

The smell of garbage, mixed with other smells Miranda didn’t wish to name floated through the window, and she wrinkled her nose. She looked out at the dirty, white-washed house only about five feet away from their apartment. It was unbelievable how many tenant buildings New York builders could fit on one street.
She turned back to the stove, a rickety thing that creaked and spat hot sparks onto her when she bent to check the fire. She grimaced as a spark landed on her wrist, extinguishing before it had a chance to do any real damage. She shut the stove door, and her hands came away as always, covered with soot and grease. ~West by Train.


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Really good Molly! Oh got to go!


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