Monday, 29 July 2013


Hello! My name is Miss Molly, but I usually go by Molly. Welcome to my new blog! Please be prepared for ramblings about writing, pictures, questions, and lots of snippets! I hope you all will enjoy my posts about my characters and what they do, for they are the purpose of this blog. I started this blog so I could have some input on my stories and the characters in them. I am a Historical Fiction Short Story, non-published writer. I have also written one novella, and am in the middle of writing what I hope is going to be a novel, but but mostly I write Historical Fiction Short Stories--which I will henceforth try to refer to as HFSS. :)

Without any further ado, let me please introduce some of my characters! (These are ones whose' stories I have actually started.

This is going forward in time.

This is Paul, age fifteen. He is the main character of a story that I have not yet named. He is a Roman slave to an evil man called Augustine. The year is in the middle 100's A.D.

This is Toni, age thirteen, from First Around the Cape: Braving Mutiny. He is--well, you know all of these are going to be main characters, so I'll just say the details--a Portuguese cabin boy on one of Explorer Vasco da Gama's ships. The year is 1497.

This is Edward, age fourteen, from A Test of Loyalty, a blacksmith's son, who gets involved in the battle at Concord. The year is 1775.

This is James, age eight, from Braving the Disease, who tests Dr. Edward Jenner's smallpox inoculation. (He is a real person.) The year is 1796.

This is Francoise, (fran-swaz) age fifteen, from a story I have not yet named, who is an aristocrat during the French Revolution. The year is 1793.

This is Jeanne, age thirteen, who is the co-main character with Francoise. She is Francoise's maid.

This is Emily, age sixteen, from A Night of Terror, who goes through the sinking of the Titanic. The year is 1912.

This is Fiona, age twelve, from A Golden Future, who goes to Ellis Island in search of a new life. The year is 1918.

This is Isi (i-SEE), age nine to thirteen, from Frozen In Time, who experiences the bombing of Hiroshima. The year is from 1945 to 1949. 

These next two are not HFSS, this one is the novel I'm writing, and the other is the novella a write.

This is Rita, age seven to fourteen, from The Lost World, who goes through the triumphs and tragidies of growing up, all while wanting to find the lost city of Atlantis. The years are from 2003 to 2010.

This is Beth Ann, from The Goal at Hand, who tries to pass her skating test and finnish Nanowrimo. The year is 2013.